Having a healthy winter with Vector450.

I’m really happy to be working with Vector450 this year. The benefits are already starting to pay off. It’s kept me healthy through a brutal cold Colorado winter and kept me fit and healthy leading into New Zealand 70.3, where I placed 2nd. My recovery and turn around between that race and Panama 70.3 was great. One of the biggest benefits I received from Vector450 was in Panama, where my roommate, unfortunately, came down with a virus the night before the race. We did everything together the days leading into the race – including eating at the same restaurant. We both felt a little bit off on the Saturday before the race, but I think with the help of Vector450, my immune system was a little stronger and I woke up the next morning able the race. My roommate, on the other hand, had to drop out and spent the whole day in bed throwing up. I highly recommend giving Vector450 a try to keep you firing for the whole season.


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