Race Report: A Win at TX 70.3

Photo by Nils Nilsen

I’m really happy to have a win on the board for 2013. It took me a bit by surprise. I’d been struggling a little bit with the training in Boulder. Early in the year it was good, but then we got some rough weather and it’s been hard to get all the training in. I raced San Juan a few weeks ago and it was a bit of a disaster so I came back from that and restructured my training to focus more on my swim.

I wanted to get back for another warm race – I don’t like the cold races so much, so TX 70.3 seemed like a good choice. I was a little nervous though because I did this race the first two years they had it and they were two of my worst races ever. The first year I DNF’ed and the second year someone threw tacs on the road and I got a flat, which made for a bad race in the end. I was hoping maybe I’d get lucky the 3rd time around.

The weeks leading into the race I tried to work on my swim a lot. I knew with Will Clark coming across from the ITU, the swim would be fast. I tried to sit with him on the swim and we got a good lead out on the bike with Allen Gardner, who came out of the water first. He was pushing the pace on the bike the first 10-15 miles. After that I took over the lead. I rode thru half way and at the turn around I realized there were 10-15 guys chasing that were only 1 1/2 minutes behind, so I tried to keep the pace high. About half way back, around mile 35-40, Allen dropped off and I was on my own. I knew there were strong guys like BigSexy and Tim Berkel chasing and I didn’t want to get caught with 5 miles ago after working so hard, so I really pushed it the last few miles.

 I managed to finish the bike with a little bit of a lead. I settled in on the run and for some reason it just clicked and I felt good. I really worked mile 3 and mile 7 to extend the gap a little bit. After around 8 miles, I felt like I had enough of a lead and just focused on maintaining my pace. It felt really great get in a win in TX after a few bad years. I really wanted to get back to running fast again after my race in San Juan, so I was really happy to run a 1:12 in that race. I’ve been working pretty hard on my run over the winter and have been doing some long runs at high altitude, so I’m glad to see it paying off. Congrats to Tim Berkel and BigSexy on 2nd and 3rd. It was great to race with you guys.

Also thanks to my sponsors. I have some incredible sponsors and gear helping me out this year and it’s really made a difference.