Just want to clarify a few things about Half Full & Rev3

Just want to clarify a few things about all the controversy that has been going on about the Half Full:

First, I think it’s great that the Half Full is donating 100% of profits to the Ulman Cancer Fund. It’s a great cause and very honorable. I think it’s also great that Rev3 had put a substantial amount of money (roughly $100K), and their own time and resources toward this race without expecting profits in return.

But, I completely disagree with Half Full/UCF’s decision to unsaction this event and disregard USADA by letting Lance race. I’m not buying the “ends justify the means” argument. There are more positive ways to raise money that don’t hurt the sport of triathlon and offend athletes by ignoring a life ban handed down by a governing body. Disrespecting one cause for the sake of another is wrong. I’m not anti-cancer survivor or anti-charity.  My father, who I lost last year, had cancer. I’ve also lost my grandfather to cancer. As minor as it may be, I’ve had skin cancer removed earlier this year. My position on this is purely about the integrity of sport.

Finally, there is a reason I chose Rev3 not only as a race series but as a major sponsor. I believe in what they do, not only in triathlon but in charity and fundraising. I think Charlie Patten has gone out of his way to accomodate pros in the last couple of years and he’s done more for triathlon than any other race director. Although we disagree on how to handle this issue, I support what Charlie and Rev3 have done for the sport and I will continue to race his races in the future.

2013 Triathlon Race Calendar

I’ve already been asked about my race plans for 2013, so once again, my lovely wife made me a calendar of all the half and olympic distance triathlons she could find. Feel free to print this out for yourself.

***MOST OF THESE DATES ARE BASED OFF OF LAST YEAR and have not been confirmed, so some may be on the wrong weekends or not be on again in 2013.

Remember, you can get a season pass to all Rev3 races for $1200 (and you can share with a friend). More info here.