Race Report: Rev3 Wisconsin Dells – 1st

Driving into Wisconsin Dells I was blown away by how many water parks there were. I think I should have come for a holiday instead of a race. I think there were more watermarks in a 5 mile stretch than in the entire country of Australia. Every hotel seemed to have a water theme park coming out of it. For any age grouper who has kids, I think this would be the most awesome race you could do for a race/holiday trip.

A couple of days leading int o the race I was a little bit nervous – after Portland I decided to do Vegas, so I’ve really been training hard the last 5 weeks. Even though I tapered properly for this race, I felt like I still hadn’t recovered 100%. It showed in my fantastic swim. I’m sure someone put a hill in  the swim course. That was one of the toughest and slowest swims I’ve ever done. I think I was over 2 minutes down from Leto, Marsh, and Hadley.

Before the race I was a little stressed it was going to be really cold. The cold sometimes can kick me in the ass and I don’t race very well. However, after the first 5 miles of the bike, it wasn’t really a factor at all.  Much like the swim, I didn’t feel that great on the bike. Luckily I had Pellow and Palmer with me who were riding hard. After about 20 miles we were able to catch Brandon and James. We could see Leto in the distance so I wasn’t too worried about him getting too far ahead with some of the big climbs coming up. Once we caught Leto, the pace steadied out and everyone rode solid to transition.

I decided to hit the first 2 miles of the run really hard as I didn’t know the form of some of the guys who were with me. Luckily, my run legs were there and it didn’t feel anything like the bike or the swim. Strange how that tends to happen. Going through the 3-4th mile, I don’t think I’ve ever felt better running, so I decided to really push the rest of the run and hopefully get a good hit-out for Vegas.  The run course was tough and challenging but a really cool course. Secretly, I was trying to get the 1:11 run time, just because my training partner Joe ran that a few weeks ago in Vineman and if he does it then I have to do it too. The last two miles bit me in the ass. They were a little hillier than I expected..so I ended up with a 1:13.

Congrats to Kyle and Brandon for 2nd and 3rd. Also congrats to the Rev3 girls – Jess Meyers and Mailaka Homo for finishing 2nd and 4th.

Next stop is Rev3 Maine. Back to the olympic distance. Hopefully I can find a little speed in the old legs.

Thanks again to my sponsors. The Kestrel 4000 once again came through for me on a day when I was hurting on the bike. Riding a bike that really suits me helped carry me through the tough course. I couldn’t wait to get in the Recovery Pump when I got home as my legs were killing me. Rev3 puts on my favorite kind of race courses. Also thanks to TYR, Powerbar,  Rudy Project, Shimano and Pearl iZumi.

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