Race Report: 4th in Eagleman

Before Quassy, Rinny and I had decided to drive down to Eagleman the following week.  So after the race, we packed up and started driving. We stayed the first few nights with the Wassners (thanks!) and then drove the rest of the way down to Maryland.

I felt sore the whole week – Quassy really wrecks you – but I still felt like I had a good amount of energy, so I wasn’t sure how Eagleman would go. I was excited to race there again though. The race organizers always do a great job.

Early in the week, I had to change out my back tire. It was my only spare. I noticed later that my front tire had a bubble in it, so I had my wife bring another spare out with her when she came in Friday. After getting covered in tire glue, I successfully changed it out on Saturday. I had to wait for it to dry so didn’t bring it for a test ride until around 8pm. Then I noticed my back tire seemed a little flat again. I was hoping I was just being crazy, but as 9pm rolled around I noticed it was even flatter. So I had a late night panic and called around to see if I could get another wheel. Then I had to once again tweet to the world that I needed some help. Twitter works pretty good for that kind of stuff. Thanks everyone who helped out with that. Jerry Nista, the race organizer and Jason Bolles both showed up with a wheel for me, which was awesome.

I’ve been trying to figure out how not to have the breathing problems I’ve been having in races in my swim lately. My plan this time was to not wear ear plugs, only wear one swim cap, and start out conservative rather than hammer the first few hundred meters of the swim. I’m happy to say that it worked. No breathing problems in the swim. I came out of the water with Crowie and Bennett and not too far behind David Kahn, who is an excellent swimmer.

Bennett took off on the bike hard and Crowie followed. I lost them pretty quickly as I just wasn’t feeling all that good on the bike. Around 25K, TJ rocked past me. At that point I was doing the math and it didn’t look good. If he passed me there, he was going to put a lot of time into me by T2. The whole bike just felt crappy.

I got into T2 where my wife told me I was 5 minutes behind Bennett and 6 minutes behind TJ and Crowie. I knew I would have to work hard and hope for someone to bonk to catch back up. I pushed it hard for 6 miles, where I saw the leaders at the turn around. At that point I lost some hope. It looked like no one was going to bonk and I hadn’t gained enough ground on them to catch them. I ended up finishing the race in 4th, which I was satisfied with. Last year, that would have been a good placing for me. Congrats to Crowie, Bennett and TJ. They all had impressive races.

Now I’m home and had a few days off. My achilles has been bothering me for a while now so since I’m not racing for a few weeks, I’ve been having the psysios and my acupunturist Christine a.k.a “Needle Nazi” go to town on it. After this rest, I’ll be starting a new block of training focused on Rev3 Cedar Point in September.

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