Eagleman 70.3

Leading into Eagleman, I was stressing all week because the soreness in my legs didn’t seem to want to go away. I spent many hours in the Recovery Pump boots and also trying to hit my nutrition right to speed up my recovery. Around Friday, my legs seemed to come good, however race morning, things didn’t work out so well. My swim was one of the worst for the season. The bike wasn’t far behind my swim performance. I managed to hold onto a small group on the bike. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of time to the front groups, especially at the last 10 miles. Mentally, I was done. I had a bad attitude and didn’t want to race. All I could think about the last 10 miles on the bike was how bad I wanted to pull out of the race. Leaving transition, I heard Chris Legh announce that I was 8 minutes behind TJ and 6 1/2 behind Matt Reed and Terenzo. I ran the first mile with James Cotter. I knew we were in 6th and 7th, which was still in the money, so that gave me a little bit of a boost to keep running. Just after a mile, James started to slow down and left me to run alone. The temperature was starting to get really hot and miraculously, I managed to clock off mid 5:30’s for each mile. Heading toward the turn-around, I could see that I was actually starting to pull back time on the leaders. Shortly after the turn-around, I managed to pass Terenzo and I could see a few minutes down the road that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place were all running together. Training in Austin the last few months seemed to really help me acclimatize to the heat, as it wasn’t really affecting me that much (or maybe it was the amount of EFS I took in on the bike). I just seemd to feel better and better on the run and I managed to pull back the next 3 guys. Between 11 and 12 miles, I passed all 3 guys and ran my way into 2nd place. I managed to pull back 6 1/2 minutes on TJ, but not quite enough for the win. He put together a great race and had a deserving win. I guess this is proof of why sometimes you should never give up in a race, because you never know what’s going to happen with the rest of the field. The swim and bike are only a small part of triathlon. Now I’m just looking forward to training in Boulder and preparing for the Rev3 full in Cedar Point.

Rev3 Quassy

Once again, Rev3 attracted an awesome pro field for Quassy. Leading up to the race, I was a little bit nervous as I seemed to have mucked up my timing for my races. The plan for the season wasn’t turning out as I had hoped with doing so many races early in the season to get fit. As things turned out, I had a great swim and managed to get onto the lead group with Terenzo and Matt Reed.Everyone hit the bike course hard right from the start. A couple of guys broke away early. After about 30 miles, the second group caught up and there was quite a large group going into the last 15 miles. James Cunnama attacked shortly after that and dragged 4-5 other guys with him. I misjudged the attack and ended up getting stuck between the 2 groups and chasing alone. Heading out onto the run, I felt fairly comfortable, but the punishing hills on the bike course were starting to hurt my legs. I haven’t been able to train much over those kind of hills. I had a great battle on the run with Richard Allen but unfortunately with about 2 miles to go, my legs were just too sore to run any harder. I managed to limp home for 7th. Once again, Rev3 put on an awesome race. In my opinion, it’s one of the best 70.3 distance races in the world.