Rev3 Costa Rica

Sorry for the late race report, but I had better things to do. For example, my honeymoon. Whitewater rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, waterfall rappeling, off-road 4-wheel driving and generally just a damn good time. I wish I could put this off another 10 days, but unfortunately my wife keeps nagging me to write it. I’m completely bonked from the all of the catch up training I’ve had to do this week, so I’m going to make this short and sweet.

First off, I highly recommend this race to anyone wanting to do a cool destination race. It was just an all around great race. Pefect weather, perfect beach, a tough but fair bike and run course, and some cool big ass lizards running around everywhere. It was also really cool that the Trakkers team had their camp there. I got to meet the new faces on the team. Welcome BigSexy, Matt, Hillary, Kathleen, Courtenay and Jessica, who also wins my “Hard-Ass RESPECT” award. After her spectacular crash and road rash, Jessica managed to pony-up and do the team photo shoot without any bitching or complaining. I would have been all over that shit for some sympathy. Not only that, when we went out for the team ride, she asked me to spray sunscreen all over her road rash. It was quite entertaining. Ok, back to the race.

I was a little dissapointed with how I swam. I spent a lot of time in the off season working on my swim. However, I made a major blunder at the start of the race, choosing the wrong side of the swim. You just can’t do that when you are up against the likes of Matty Reed and Brian Fleischmann. I chased hard for the rest of the swim, but was unable to catch up. Heading into T1 I was about 1:10 behind the main group. I really worked the first part of the ride to try and catch up. It was extremely hilly and for some reason that didn’t work – I think I lost time. After we got onto the flats, I settled into a good rhythm and manged to find my legs and close the gap to the front group. Coming into T2, I managed to get myself back into 4th and come off the bike 30 seconds behind 2nd. The first part of the run was a little tricky as it was on a sandy road. It was a little difficult to get into a fast rhythm. I could always see Brian and Andrew in front of me. During the second lap, I manged to catch up and pass Andrew on the second lap, but then got passed in the last few miles by Manny Huerta. I just don’t have the speed of the world cup guys that early in the season. I was really happy to get 4th though in such a good quality field.

I certainly look forward to going back next year. I think I was more sore after the horse back riding with my wife and the Lovatos than I was after the race. Those Costa Ricans are some wild-ass cowboys with their horse riding. My wife is happy to be alive after galloping within the first 5 minutes of her first ever horseback ride.