Oceanside 70.3

Oceanside turned out to be a good race for me. With the temperature a little warmer than last year I was in a better mood to race. I actually didn’t have an ice cream headache when I was warming up. Maybe it was my new TYR Hurricane wetsuit being so awesome. During the off season I worked really hard on my swimming. Unfortunately I had a bit of an offset in late January due to a bike crash. I put my foot through the front wheel, which was pretty stupid. I ended up landing on my shoulder which kept me out of swimming properly for a few weeks. Despite this, my swim was way better than expected. I exited the water in the third spot. I struggled for the first 5-10 miles on the bike due to the cold. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to riding in the cold. Raelert, Reed and O’Donnell managed to pull away and open up a couple minute lead. During the second half of the bike, I managed to pull myself together and start riding well. It was my first 70.3 on the new Kestrel. I was really happy the way the bike performed and I’m looking forward to having a good season with Kestrel. I headed out onto the run in about 6th. My main goal was to try to run steady and pull back as many people as I could in the second half of the run. In the end I was happy to run a 1:15 this early in the season and place 4th. I’m looking forward to racing in Galveston in a couple of weeks and seeing if I can improve on my run time. Big thanks to all my sponsors for this year: Trakkers, Shimano, Saucony, TYR and Kestrel.