Clearwater 70.3 World Championships

Sorry for the delay in my updates. I’m still sulking and bitter about my amateur mistake in transition. I’ve never felt better going into a race as I did for Clearwater. My preparation was perfect and I was feeling confident for a great race, especially after setting the course record at the Austin 70.3. Unfortunately, I had a brain fart in transition and picked up the wrong bike bag. Once I realized I had grabbed the wrong bag, I ran back to pick up the correct one. By this time, I had lost 90 seconds. In any other race, this would not be such an issue. However, when there is a 40 man peleton, there was no way I was going to catch up, but I did try. Once I got off the bike, I didn’t want to throw in the towel, but it’s hard to get motivated when you are running from 40th place. After 10K, I managed to run down a lot of people, which gave me a little bit more fire to try and run back into the top 20. I really pushed hard the last 5K, because someone on the road told me I had a chance at top 10. Unfortunately that person couldn’t count. In the end I finished 11th, with one of the fastest run times of the day. The last 5K really hurt me, which worried me a little bit for Ironman Arizona the next weekend.

Congrats to the top 3 in Clearwater for having a great race.

Afterthought: Can someone please tell me why 70.3 has to have this ridiculous transition zone with bags and changing tents? Why can’t we go back to traditional transitions with your shoes and helmet at your bike? Just because it’s called Ironman 70.3 doesn’t mean it’s an Ironman race. It’s a stupid rule and hopefully one day it will be like every other 70.3 throughout the year. This rule is nearly as bad as the Ironman pro license for next year (stupidity). — Richie’s thoughts

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