St Anthony’s Olympic Distance

Once again St. Anthony’s attracted a world class field. For those who were there, they know how bad the swim was. We woke up to perfect conditions, apart from the choppy water. The race director, Philip, had no choice but to cancel the swim for the age groupers. I totally support his decision as I wasn’t looking forward to swimming myself. It definetly made for a challenging but enjoyable race. I lined up next to Matt Reed knowing that with his long legs he’d be out in front early. I tried to stay with him as long as possible, but it was extremely hard to see anything with the beating I was getting from the waves. I came out of the water in the top 10, happy that I’d survived the swim. Everybody put the hammer down right from the start on the bike. I could still feel my winter legs as I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm. I struggled throughout the whole ride. Going into the run after the first couple hundred meteres Andy Raelert pulled up next to me. For the first few miles I just sat in on Andy and Matt Chrabot. The three of us battled it out for 5 1/2 miles. Luckily my legs held out and I was able to kick down the last half mile to pull away from Andy and secure a 4th spot. I just want to thank Philip Lahaye, the race organizer for putting on another great race.