Coming Out of Hibernation

It was almost warm enough today to bike outside. Not quite though (I’m a wimp). I managed to sneak out of Boston twice this winter to go to St. Petersberg and Austin to train and now I’m heading back down to Austin in the middle of this week. Hopefully by the time I get back the snow will be all melted. The computrainer has really saved my ass this winter. I’d be a grouchy bastard if I had to spend the whole winter staring at my wall on the wind trainer. I raced the half marathon in St Petersberg last weekend for a good workout and to see where my fitness was at for the season. Though the race ended up being harder than I thought due to the 45 mph winds, I was still happy to come away with a win and 4 days of extremely painful legs. Now I have 4 weeks until my first major race for the season, which will be Oceanside 70.3. Hopefully I get enough training done down in Austin to be ready for the race. Good luck to everyone with their season.

Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, CA

I have discovered the best pre race meal. After going for a run warm up on Saturday, I went for breakfast with Dede and a couple of her athletes. She knew a great place to get a kick ass pancake. It’s called a man hole cover. Check it out:

This will get you through any race!

With a good feed in my belly, I knew I was ready for a good race. What could go wrong after a big feed like that? This year we got lucky with the water temperature. It was a huge 58 degrees instead of 55 like last year. It seemed like everybody turned up for the first race of the year and with a lot of guys coming from world cup, the swim turned out to be extremely fast. I managed to get in a good position early in the swim and just held on until the end. The new xterra wetsuit that I got made life a lot easier (it’s fast). Once again, we had to play catch up to Andy, who built up good lead out of the water. This was my first 70.3 on the new bike. After 10-15K, I knew I had made the right decision for the season riding the Ridley Dean. The tempo remained high for the entire ride. With perfect weather conditions, everyone was jamming on the bike. Coming into transition, we had all regrouped. The first 3 miles of the run was super fast. I tried to go out with Matt Reed, but he was on a mission. His tempo was too fast for me that early in the season. He slowly pulled away from the group. The first 10K turned out to be a good fight between Andy, Luke and myself. Andy slowly pulled away and opened up a lead on me and Luke. Around 11K, I managed to pull away from Luke. The early high pace paid it’s toll around 17K. When Ronnie Schildknecht caught me, I was unable to go with him. I held on for 4th, which I was really happy with as my time was over 15 minutes faster than last year. It was an extremely fast day all around. Congrats to Matt Reed for his first 70.3 win. I’d also like to thank Saucony for the new sponsoring for this year. I really enjoyed racing in their shoes.