Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, Newfoundland, Canada

For once, flying to the race, I ended up being the lucky one. I arrived on time with my bike and bags. Most of the others weren’t so lucky. Rinny had to wait two days for her bike to come, Crowie spent a day sightseeing around America only to end up 12 hrs later arriving back at the same airport he left in the morning, and Paul Matthews’ flight was cancelled and spent 3 days getting to the race – his bike finally arrived at 10pm the night before the race. Destination races may be beautiful to see, but they are a pain in the ass to get to. Race day turned out to be nice and warm. It’s so good to do a race that starts a little later (at 8am). It wasn’t a large field, but certainly had a lot of quality. The swim was fairly low key. Paul and Brent slipped away and had a minute going into transition. Me and Crowie then settled in to chase down the lead two. Crowie managed to bridge across to the front group. Poor Paul’s troubles continued after receiving a very dodgy drafting penalty. The bike was quite difficult with a solid head wind. Heading into T2, Crowie and Brent had about a minute and a half lead. Starting off on the run, I could see them running head to head and I knew I was going to have to run hard to at least catch one of them. At the turn around, I noticed Crowie had started to pull away from Brent, so I set my sights on catching him. With the final turn around at 15k, I realized Brent had pulled out, which left me in second place. It was good to get back to back second places. Now I look forward to a couple of weeks of training before Chicago.

Top 5:

  1. 3:59:45 Craig Alexander Boulder CO AU
  2. 4:01:33 Richie Cunningham Brookline MA AU
  3. 4:04:09 Chris Legh Boulder CO US
  4. 4:06:07 Sean Bechtel Caledon ON CA
  5. 4:06:26 Paul Matthews Boulder CO US
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