Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, Providence, Rhode Island

It was great to actually be able to drive to a race. The triathlon ended up having a really strong field. The swim was a normal swim. Leaving transition, Paul Ambrose put the gas down straight away and rode extremely strong all the way to the front group. With a tailwind, the pace was high. Once Oscar Galindez caught up, the pack split. After 4 weeks of feeling down, it was good to finally feel better on the bike. Coming into transition, I was just over 2 minutes down on Oscar and Paul. I started to chase hard to pull back as much time as I could early. I was feeling pretty good until I hit the hill. Once over the top, I found my rhythm and set off chasing the leaders again. I was feeling pretty good and then another unexpected wall hit me:

This wall included a hood, windscreen, and some asphalt on my ass. I didn’t realize that steeple chase was part of the race course. I tried to jump over the car before it hit me. I avoided getting run over but still ended up ass first into the windscreen.

Once I picked myself up off of the ground I was still able to think clearly and just wanted to get back into the race, but my legs didn’t seem to want to cooperate and were all wobbly. After a few hundred meters, I regained control of them and set off after the leaders again. I managed to fight my way to second place. Crossing the finish line, I went straight to the medical tent to get the rest of the glass plucked off my butt and back. Overall, I enjoyed the race and the tough course, minus the obstacles.

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