Columbia Olympic Distance Triathlon

The Columbia triathlon is a great race if you want to get the european feel for triathlon racing. The swim is in a little lake. The bike course is challenging but scenic and enjoyable. It’s good to find a race that has a bike course with some hills and a challenging run through the parks and back streets of the local area. The race started off fairly relaxed without too much stress on the swim. Once on the bike, Chris Lieto didn’t waste any time in proving that he’s one of the best riders in triathlon. After about 5k, he had already opened up a lead. With Macca doing a lot of the chase work, I was just riding to hold on. In the last couple of miles, me, Macca and Greg started passing athletes that we had already passed earlier in the race. We didn’t know if it was them or us that had gone the wrong way. In the end, it was us. Greg and Macca opened up a small gap coming into transition. I didn’t know what position I was in because of our detour. I chased hard for the first 2 miles but my feet were still numb from the swim. I finally managed to warm up around 3 miles and that is when someone told me I was 5 minutes behind Lieto. In the end, I was still happy to manage 4th place.

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